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Monday, March 14, 2005

Around the Web

Some sites of possible interest:

(1) The latest issue of Lubomir Kavalek's Washington Post chess column is available on the web, paying tribute to Danish great Bent Larsen on the occasion of his 70th birthday. Kavalek presents a see-saw thriller they played in 1970, and the game and notes are worth your time.

(2) Last week's Chess Cafe entries are all worth checking out, and I expect different people will have different favorites (I most enjoyed the Dvoretsky, Savinov and Minev columns, in case anyone wondered).

(3) On the ChessBase news site, the following item offers readers' reactions to Kasparov's retirement, a link to a feedback form so one can offer their own reactions, and links to all the news stories one can bear to read on the subject.

(4) Last but not least, the ChessBase blurb for my show is up. It doesn't add new information about the game not present here, but for those to whom "9 p.m. EST" isn't particularly meaningful, you'll find a list of times for 140 locations worldwide. (Interestingly, 10 or so of those locations aren't straight on the hour - some are half-past, others at a quarter-of some hour or other.) Also, for those curious about my appearance (but why?), you can see a picture of me taken in July of 2002 at the New York Masters.


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