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This is a blog for chess fans by a chess fan. I enjoy winning as much as anyone else, and I've had a reasonable amount of success as a competitor, but what keeps me coming back to the game is its beauty. And that, primarily, is what this site will be about! All material copyrighted.

Friday, March 11, 2005

More on Kasparov's Retirement

Further discussion and a partial video clip of Kasparov's announcement can be seen on the ChessBase news site, while further discussion and reflection, as well as some further analysis of the last round games, can be accessed here. I certainly hope Crowther is right and Kasparov imitates boxers (and Michael Jordan) and returns in a year or two. He may not have anything left to prove competitively, but to the extent that chess is an art (or art-like!), his absence will be a great loss to our game.


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